I love the free spirit of a child, the meaningful bonds within families,

and all of God's beauty around us.


You being you is my inspiration and I consider it a honor to capture your family.

Sam xo


Photography helps me fall
and stay in love with life.

Samantha McBride is an internationally published photographer based in Ponte Vedra, Florida. With a playful approach, she guides families through poses and games to create a beautiful photo session to remember for years to come. An educator and author of the course "Mood & the Story of Light," Samantha enjoys teaching as much as photography.




Few things as are valuable as a moment of your loved one, frozen in time for you to look back on and enjoy.


A picture of them at their youngest, happiest, or freest place: These are the treasures and the art of your life.


I've owned a business for 6 years and have been pursuing photography for almost 20 years -- but didn't pick up a camera with artistic intention until my early 20s. Creativity came into my life when faith in God did.

I don’t believe that’s a coincidence!



The Sea

A minimal, yet stunning backdrop to your story.


let's see what unfolds

A session with me begins with some sitting poses as you and the kids get used to the camera and we get to know each other. We get simple shots and then make our way into more active poses and games, eventually opening up to a completely free and playful session.


The resulting galleries include everything from the smile-at-the-camera traditional shots to the moments of open laughter and candid photos that tell the story of who you are and the love you share.