I love the free spirit of a child, the meaningful bonds within families,

and all of God's beauty around us.


I love what I do and consider it a honor to capture your family.

Sam xo


Photography helps me fall
and stay in love with life.

Samantha McBride is an internationally published photographer based in Ponte Vedra, Florida. She loves working with families, and has had a busy photography business for over 10 years. She is also the founder and owner of the photography-inspired clothing line, INDIE BLUE www.TheIndieBlue.com.


Known for a playful approach, she guides families through poses to create a beautiful photo session to remember for years to come. With four kids of her own, she knows how to embrace the chaos while finding beauty in the moment — and brings this openness to each session.




Few things as are valuable as a moment of your loved one for you to look back on and relive.


A picture of them at their youngest, happiest, or freest place: These are treasures and about as close as we can get to freezing time!




The Sea

A minimal, yet stunning backdrop to your story.


let's see what unfolds

Keep in mind that the poses are just for guidance — I love when kids crack up or make it their own and will let you know if I’m worried we haven’t gotten what we need. The BEST shots come when everyone is being free and having fun. The biggest tip I have is for parents to keep smiles on their faces and pretend everything that’s happening is supposed to be happening:).