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Hi! This is a model call for those interested in stock photo opportunities with me (Samantha McBride Photography). Usually these opportunities will be just “lifestyle” photos or they might be photos I might use for a clothing brand. Currently looking for kids, teens and moms, but may expand that need in the future.

How to Submit

Simply send me a photo and include ages and clothing sizes. It’s great to know if you are available on weekdays or weekend primarily. Email me at

I’m seeking a variety of looks and ethnicities with a focus on younger girls (newborn to age 7) due to the brands I’m currently working with. I will add you to my Facebook group where I do model calls and reach out to you if I think your size/age/look is a fit for an upcoming shoot.

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About Stock Photography

The way brands use photography has drastically changed in recent years with many referring to stock photo websites for their imagery rather than doing a shoot themselves.  Blogs, social media, and even print requires such a heavy load of imagery that it’s simply more cost effective for them to refer to stock.

For a photographer to make money in this industry, they either have to A) sell a large quantity of photos at low prices or B) sell only their most compelling and best photos at a premium with premium stock companies. I do “B” — selling my images for up to $500 (of which I only get a percentage).

I work with two prestigious stock companies — Offset and Adobe Premium. Offset is owned by Shutterstock and you must be accepted by them which is competitive. Adobe Premium is an invitation-only opportunity I was excited to receive. They may only use a one or two images from a shoot and only accept what they think is commercially appealing to their customers.

You can see the accounts here:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I get paid as a model? No. In lieu of payment, I offer the photos as downloads for you to keep and use for personal printing and sharing.
  2. Who will buy the photos from offset and adobe? Do we get to see or approve who buys? No these photos sell at a high cost with companies that vet their customers (no pornography etc), but I don’t get to control who buys the photos. While it’s rare, you can see a sad photo used for an abuse helpline or something along that nature, but I’m usually shooting happy joyous photos that wouldn’t support such a campaign. However, I caution my adult models that there is the smallest chance they could end up on a billboard for adult diapers (not likely obviously but you get the idea).
  3. Where else could use the photos? I do photo sessions for brands, such as Sweet Honey, and I’ll be sure to let you know if the session is for a brand ahead of time.

Thank you for your interest! I have fun at these shoots and hope they are fun for you, too! I ask that you sign model releases for me, Offset and Adobe before the shoot and will email those to you each time.


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